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Sustainability Initiative

We believe sustainability starts in the home

We seek to reimagine Owners Corporation community living by identifying ways to maximize the impact of existing community networks with a focused effort on minimising our impacts on the environment.

Elite BodyCorp acknowledges the urgency of the climate emergency and the need to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions to have any chance of keeping global temperature rise to near 1.5ºC.

Our aim is to provide a multi tiered program of sustainable cost effective solutions to aid in retrofitting outdated buildings with low impact efficiencies 

Elite BodyCorp's commitment to assist Melbourne in becoming a carbon-neutral city is by making greater contributions towards the education of offsetting the footprint of the individuals within the community, providing a greater chance of reducing our carbon footprint on a wider scale and throughout our portfolio’s collective communities and into neighbouring communities.

Many existing Owners Corporation communities lack active energy efficiencies and contribute to the rising increase in greenhouse gas emissions and the impact of urbanisation on our local environment.

Our aim is to combat this increase by providing opportunities to retrofit existing properties to minimise their footprint and maximise their efficiencies and ongoing affordability. 

We aim to tailor a range of plans for communities to adopt and monitor from minor to major retrofits that can be implemented over a short or long period depending on each community’s budget and willingness to participate in the initiative. 

We aim to harness our buying power with service providers, contractors and utility retailers to negotiate bulk buy rates and reduced ongoing servicing costs.

Key focus areas for retrofitting low-efficiency communities are:

  • Education on community consumption and waste management
  • Renewable energies - retailer or community system
  • Thermal insulation and retention
  • Ventilation and airtightness
  • Heatsink communal gardens and clean air generating plants
  • Communal electricity generation and distribution
  • Rainwater sequestration and harvesting for grey water use
  • Supply and installation of energy-saving devices and products
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging points

We work with the close support of sustainability consultants and in partnership with an established network of like-minded individuals and companies.

We believe together, we can amplify the efforts of others in combating not only our localised and wider communities' impact on our environment but, aid in making a global impact to fight climate change and the volatility of natural disasters, the extinction of countless species and potential mass extinction.

Elite BodyCorp is the first Owners Corporation management company to be accepted as a foundation member of sustainable choice.

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