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"At Elite BodyCorp we provide you with a wide range of Owners Corporation and Strata Management services that are strategically aligned with market intelligence to give you a high-level and premium service."

Standard Services

Elite BodyCorp provides the following standard services:

  • Accounting

  • Essential services and compliance

  • Insurance

  • Documentation/ record keeping

  • Meetings

  • Maintenance

  • Other administration and guidance

  • Ad-hoc management and enquiries 

Key Activities

Elite BodyCorp provides an extensive list of additional services to our communities including: 

  • Rigorous financial management and reporting 

  • Oversight of major building maintenance plans and servicing schedules

  • Active oversight of on-site building management and cleaning services

  • Regular building inspections and audits to identify hazards and mitigate risks

  • Handling of building matters such as defects and major projects

  • Active arrears management 

  • Active management of resident behaviour and breaches of the rules

  • Establishing and maintaining asset registers

  • Engaging and arranging for specialist advice 

  • Solving complex problems

  • Organising and coordinating community events 

Committee Engagment

The Owners Corporation Committee is the key decision-making body, so a close working relationship between the management company and the committee is vitally important.  Elite BodyCorp sees its role is to both educate the committee about their responsibilities and assist them wherever possible in their important work.

We foster working relationships between our panel of contractors and committees. This provides the committee with an opportunity for hands-on education regarding the way the building works, and its asset maintenance requirements. Through creating an active working environment, members of the community seek to ensure the timely maintenance of the building to preserve its longevity and lifespan.

COVID Safety & Compliance

Elite BodyCorp is required to ensure the health and safety of all communities by implementing a tailored COVID Safe Plan for each Owners Corporation Community which outlines the processes and procedures in place regarding:

  • Building preparation, occupancy and operations during restrictions.
  • Establishing community QR codes to meet contact tracing requirements.

  • COVID Safe Contractors servicing the building on a regular and ad-hoc basis.

  • Precautionary steps to avoid community transmission.

  • Educational materials to be installed on-site.

  • Suspected cases within the community.

  • Active cases within the community.

  • Resident management.

  • Self-isolation requirements.

  • List of actions to be undertaken in the event of a community outbreak

Attendance Onsite

A member of the Elite BodyCorp team will visit each of the Owners Corporation communities at least four (4) times each year*. 

We believe that these visits are crucial to understanding the “lay of the land” so we can best serve each community’s unique needs. During these visits, we will undertake a thorough audit and engage with the committee and/or community members.

Further, we encourage at least one joint “walk-around” per year with the committee, manager and contractors. This gives us greater confidence that contractors are servicing the right areas and provides an opportunity to identify potential hazards or safety issues that may have been missed.

(*The above visits are of course subject to any COVID restrictions).

Contractor Engagement

Elite BodyCorp engages the services of accredited building practitioners and licensed service providers who hold the appropriate qualifications and insurances.

We are continually expanding our network of contractors and service providers due to client needs and demands. We are conscious that no two properties are the same and therefore the need to appoint specialised contractors to each specific property is required to meet the properties and residents needs.

Our aim is to forge enduring relationships with providers who deliver quality services at an affordable price, and wherever possible we look to support local and small businesses.

After Hours Services

The Elite BodyCorp office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm and we are closed during public holidays. We employ Tymaline Building Services for any after-hours emergency issues that may affect the property.

WorkSafe Standards & Compliance

Elite BodyCorp ensures that all contractors adhere to Occupational Health & Safety management system which requires all contractors to comply with the Health and Safety Coordination Plan in its entirety, and agree to comply with all conditions, site rules and requirements as stated therein when on site. 

This is a fundamental of ours which creates better quality control for all works undertaken on-site at any property and most importantly ensures the safety for our members of the Owners Corporation communities.

Financial Accounting

Elite BodyCorp provides full accounting services, including:

  • Levy Production

  • Invoicing

  • Banking

  • Supplier Payments

  • Reconciliations

  • GST Processing

  • BAS Preparation

  • Budgeting

  • Arrears Management

  • Audits

  • Financial Reporting

Invoicing Procedure

The effective management of the invoice payment process is critical to ensure that all expenditure is closely controlled. As part of the engagement process, Elite BodyCorp will work closely with the committee to develop the optimal invoice authorisation and payment process.

Typically this will involve certain regular payments being authorised directly by the Owners Corporation Manager, while other non-standard/irregular invoices will require approval by the committee, but other approaches and options are certainly possible and welcomed.

Portal Usage

Elite BodyCorp provides anywhere-anytime,  real-time and role-based access for owners, committee members and building managers. Each role is presented with a customised view that is tailored to provide the appropriate content, both for information purposes and, where required, to provide timely feedback for subsequent action by the manager. Committee members have the added advantage of accessing the key financial reports at any time.

AGM Engagement

Prior to COVID, in-person meetings were the standard meeting format but we now use COVID safe practices by utilising systems and services such as Zoom  & Survey Monkey to host AGMs. This provides all members and their representatives with the opportunity to safely attend and play an active role in the future of the administration and operations of their community. 

 This is a practice that we will continue to utilise into the future as the benefits of offering members the option to attend meetings remotely compared to in-person has proved to be far more effective in relation to member attendance, participation and inclusivity. 

The notice of meeting for each AGM is issued at least 14 days prior to the meeting and this provides members with all the relevant links and information. Minutes for the AGM are then issued 14 days after the meeting.


Elite BodyCorp is an authorised representative of Insurewise Brokers Pty Ltd and we are qualified to give general and factual advice about insurance, not personal advice.

Our insurance services are:

  • Manage insurance-related matters and communicate with all the parties involved.

  • Work closely with the broker to manage any potential claims carefully and seek to minimise processing trivial claims to keep downward pressure on annual premium increases.

  • Arrange for competitive quotes annually from reputable strata insurers to ensure continued coverage. 

  • Advise the committee regarding obtaining periodic sworn valuations of the property to ensure that the coverage remains appropriate. 

Arrears Management

Elite BodyCorp manages arrears proactively by closely monitoring members who fall behind in payments. Reminder notices are sent if payments become overdue and where needed we communicate directly with members to sensitively negotiate the most appropriate way to bring their account up to date. If appropriate, we design mutually agreed payment installment plans, and we escalate arrears of significant concern to the committee if further action is warranted.

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