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We believe in engaging in meaningful conversations within our communities to help share, connect and promote understanding

Embracing Community

Elite Bodycorp's mission is to provide a comfortable, safe, and friendly community living experience to all people in showing appreciation of diverse communities and people.

We believe in engaging in meaningful conversations within our communities to help share, connect and promote understanding that diversity includes many elements outside of culture and race, such as socio-economic background, gender, education level, geographic location and much more. 

Utilising individual strengths and differences amongst us to share knowledge to nurture and guide emerging communities. 


Elected committee members are educated to play a vital role in the functioning and oversight of the administration and financial obligations of the community. Acting as the key decision-making body, so a close working relationship between the management company and the committee is vitally important. 

Elite BodyCorp sees its role is to both educate the committee about their responsibilities and assist them wherever possible in their important work. to aid we a working reference library accessible to all community members which contains key learning materials including:

  • Applicable legislation, regulations, codes of practice, rules and guidelines.
  • Sustainable practices in the home and the community.
  • COVID Safety Plans and requirements.
  • Common property and private property maintenance guides.
  • Committee meeting templates and documentation.
  • Risk management processes and procedures.
  • Industry guidance videos and literature. 
  • Emergency planning and procedures.


Elite BodyCorp is required to ensure the Owners Corporation actively meets its administrative and operational requirements.

Helping protect the health and safety of all communities by implementing a tailored COVID Safe Plans for each Owner Corporation Community which outlines the processes and procedures in place to help prevent community transmission.

The Owners Corporation is required to ensure compliance with the relevant building codes, ensuring the building’s asset maintenance schedules are met in accordance with the following:

  • COVID Safe Plans
  • The Owners Corporation Act 2006
  • The Owners Corporation Regulations 2018
  • Owners Corporation Model or Special Rules
  • The Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004
  • Certificate of Occupancy Requirements
  • Fire Regulations 
  • Endorsed Maintenance Plans
  • The Subdivisions Act 1988
  • Many More


Dedicating the time and resources required to work alongside our communities and residents to provide a tailored approach to the management and operation of their building which focuses on long-term cost efficiency.

Our online community portal is accessible anywhere-anytime, the data is real-time, and access is role-based for owners, committee members and building managers.

The portal provides community members with the following features:

  • Document share capabilities 
  • Committee invoice approvals  
  • Owner levy status and information
  • Live bank report and financial tracking
  • Lodge and track maintenance requests 
  • Lodge and track insurance claims
  • Advise of key building information

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