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About Elite Bodycorp

“Empowering our people to build better communities.”


Elite BodyCorp's mission is to provide a comfortable, safe, and friendly community living experience to all people.

We are one of Melbourne's vibrant new Owners Corporation Management companies. Located in Essendon. We service a diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, and mixed-use Owners Corporations community buildings throughout Melbourne's thriving inner northern and western suburbs.

Our primary focus is simple, to provide exceptional service through active communication, community engagement & education. We take pride in every Owners Corporations we manage, providing the value you deserve from your Owners Corporation manager. 


Delivering a holistic approach to achieving strategic and operational targets, we seek to offer educated and cost-effective solutions to the many challenges an Owners Corporation may encounter. Forging strong working relationships with our communities, stakeholders, property managers and our panel of key contractors & service providers with key focuses on building protection through scheduled preventative maintenance programs including:

  • Caretaking and Groundskeeping

  • Essential Fire Safety Measures Programs.

  • COVID safety

  • Plant and Machinery Asset maintenance

  • Occupational Health and Safety Reports

  • Waste Management Assessments

Helping to ensure the health and safety of all occupants and the wellness of our communities.



Elite BodyCorp provides anywhere-anytime, real-time and role-based access for owners, committee members and building managers to update key contact information and access vital building information.

Each role is presented with a customised view that is tailored to provide the appropriate content, both for information purposes and, where required, to provide timely feedback for subsequent action by the manager. Committee members have the added advantage of accessing the key financial reports at any time.

Each member will have access to their individual information, key building documents including:

  • Contribution levy amounts

  • Current and previous levy notices.

  • Generate lot ledger and annual levy statements

  • Lodge and track maintenance requests 

  • Lodge and track insurance claims

  • Registered plan of subdivision

  • Car park plan

  • Green travel plans

  • Insurance policy information 

 For chairpersons/committee members, there is added functionality that allows them to:

  • Generate a Balance Sheet

  • Generate an Income & Expenditure Statement

  • Generate the insurance policy information

  • Generate an Aged Arrears list

  • Generate a Cash Management Report

  • Advise of key building information

The portal navigation is straightforward and intuitive, allowing ease of use and quick access to the required Lot information.


Why Choose Elite BodyCorp

At Elite BodyCorp we are people, committed to helping other people build better communities that are comfortable, safe and friendly community living experiences for all people.

  • We are a people-centered company because people are the very essence of any thriving community. 

  • We take pride in our agile response to the needs of each community. 

  • At Elite BodyCorp we deliver a no-nonsense approach to achieving the unique strategic and operational needs of each of the Owners Corporations we manage. 

  • We look to establish working relationships with all stakeholders that are long-standing and built on mutual trust.

  • We are local and our focus is exclusively on the inner Northern & Western suburbs.

  • Elite BodyCorp is committed to providing quality management to our communities and we are currently in the process of formally seeking ISO 9001 certification.



Elite BodyCorp is an Accredited Owners Corporation Management company recognised by Strata Community Australia (SCA). We promote constant improvement to our managers and aid in undertaking further studies with active participation in the SCA Professional Development and Accreditation Programs for Strata Community Managers.


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