What we do

Elite BodyCorp provides an extensive list of services to our communities including: 

  • Rigorous financial management and reporting

  • Active arrears management and reporting 

  • Oversight of major building works and maintenance plan implementation

  • Regular building inspections and audits of common areas and assets

  • Coordinating building matters such as defect rectification and litigation

  • Active management of resident behavior and breaches of the rules

  • Engaging and arranging for specialist advice 

  • Complex problem solving

About us

Elite BodyCorp is an award-winning Owners Corporation Management company located in Essendon.

Servicing a diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, and mixed-use Owners Corporation communities throughout Melbourne’s thriving inner Northern and Western suburbs.

Bringing a breath of fresh air to the growing strata industry, as more Victorian's look to residential community buildings as their homes.

Striving to provide a comfortable, safe, and friendly community living experience to all people.

Choose Elite

The importance of engaging with a professional Strata Community Manager is the peace of mind that your home and investment is well maintained, cash positive, and safe for residents and guests.

With almost 1 in 4 Victorian's living within a strata community, more and more residents are looking for the best value for their money when it comes to the ongoing management of the administrative and operational requirements of each individual Strata Community, that's why we value building long-term relationships and act with integrity and transparency, ensuring our clients understand the value we provide from the very beginning.

Our managers are level 2 Certified Strata Community Managers forming part of an award-winning small business team.

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